Modifying the manager user account access rights

You can modify the manager user account access rights by modifying the manager's properties.

To modify manager user account access rights

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click the manager and click Properties.

  2. Click the Access Records tab.

  3. Select the account that you want to change.

  4. Click Modify.

  5. In the Access rights list, select a privilege category, and then click View/Modify.

    For example, select domains to view the Access to Domains dialog box.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Check Create new domains to give the manager account the right to create new domains.

    • Check Apply to all domains if you want any domain rights that are assigned to the manager account to be applied to all domains. All domains also include the domains that are created in the future by other accounts.

    • Uncheck Apply to all domains if you want to limit manager account access rights to any domains. Select the wanted domain in the list. For each selected domain, check the check boxes to assign access rights. You must start with the View permission, then you can select from among the other domain rights.

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