Enabling and disabling LiveUpdate on agents

Managers can only make security updates, best practice policies, and agent software improvements available to updatable agents. You can change the LiveUpdate status of agents by making them updatable or non-updatable.


You must enable LiveUpdate locally on the agent computer as well as from the ESM console.

If you expand the summary branch in the enterprise tree, Symantec ESM displays the agents in each manager domain. If you expand the All Agents domain, you can display all agents that are registered to the manager. Agents with colored LiveUpdate icons are updatable. Agents with gray LiveUpdate icons are not updatable.

To enable or disable LiveUpdate on agents

  1. On the enterprise tree, right-click a domain, and then click Enable/Disable LiveUpdate.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select agents in the LiveUpdate Disabled Agent(s) column and click << to make them updatable.

    • Select agents in the LiveUpdate Enabled Agent(s) column and click the left arrow to make them non-updatable.