Creating domains for specific UNIX operating systems

Unlike Windows, the ESM console does not create separate domains for the UNIX operating systems in the enterprise tree. You can manually create the domains that are specific to the UNIX operating systems.

To create domains for specific UNIX operating systems

  1. Create a new domain for every UNIX operating system, such as AIX and HP-UX.

  2. Copy the agents to their respective UNIX domains.

  3. Create customized policies for each UNIX domain by using the UNIX modules.

    For example, you can create a new policy named Solaris by using a related UNIX module.

  4. Run these customized policies on the respective UNIX domains as per your requirement.

If you want to update the agents on specific UNIX operating systems, you can select the required Security Update (SU) packages during the LiveUpdate. The Granular LiveUpdate functionality lets you select the SU packages for specific UNIX operating systems. The Granular LiveUpdate functionality is available for Symantec ESM 6.5 or later managers and agents.

Hence during every LiveUpdate, only those agents on UNIX operating systems get updated for whom you download the SU packages.