Performing a remote upgrade

Use remote upgrade to conveniently upgrade the agent software on Windows or UNIX systems from the ESM console. Remote upgrade can upgrade a single agent or all agents in a domain.

To perform a remote upgrade

  1. When you perform a remote upgrade for the first time, connect the console to the managers that have registered the agents that you want to upgrade.

    Use an account with rights to modify all domains, policies, and templates.

  2. Stage the appropriate remote upgrade files on the manager by using the Liveupdate wizard.

  3. Verify that LiveUpdate is enabled for the agents.

  4. Right-click a domain, or an agent in a domain, and then click Remote upgrade.

  5. Check the agents for the following status:

    • Agents that have not yet started to upgrade show a white status.

    • Agents that are running the upgrade change to a gray status.

    • Agents that successfully upgrade change to a green status.

    • Agents that fail to upgrade change to a red status.

  6. Double-click an agent's name to display additional information about the agent's upgrade status.