Exporting the Symantec ESM agent list

You must create and export a property file to use the Symantec ESM agent recovery and re-registration feature. The property file provides necessary information to the Symantec ESM manager during the re-registration process.You should use the Symantec ESM console to create the property file. The file lists the manager, the registered agents, the ports, and the communication protocols. The property file is a plain text, tab-delimited file. For security purposes, store the file in a safe location.

If you have two agents that are registered to an ESM manager, the property file that you export displays the following format:


agent_1_name<tab>agent_1_port<tab>agent_1_protocol<tab>shared secret<tab>agent's LiveUpdate setting

agent_2_name<tab>agent_2_port<tab>agent_2_protocol<tab>shared secret<tab>agent's LiveUpdate setting

The first line in the file must contain the name of the manager, its port, and protocol. The information for each agent must follow on a separate line.

To export the Symantec ESM agent list

  1. In the Enterprise treeview, right-click the appropriate manager, and then select Export Agent List.

  2. In the Select Format dialog box, do one of the following:

    • Click Pre-ESM 9.0 format if you want to use the format that is supported by the agents with a version that is earlier than ESM 9.0.

    • Click ESM 9.0 format if you want to use the format that is supported by the ESM 9.0 agents.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Navigate to the location where you want to save the agent list and click Save.

  5. Click OK on the message prompt that recommends that you take a backup of the agent list.

See About agent recovery re-registration.

See Re-registering the ESM agents.