About duplicating a policy

You can copy an existing policy on the manager and give the copy a new name. You can then edit the new policy to meet specific security objectives.

To duplicate a policy, you must have the Create Policies access rights enabled for your Manager user account.

You can use the drag and drop feature in the enterprise tree to copy a policy from one manager to another. Hence you ensure that all managers in the enterprise use the same policies. As part of this operation, Symantec ESM copies any associated template and word files to the destination manager. Symantec ESM does not keep multiple copies of a policy with the same name on a manager. Instead, Symantec ESM checks for the policy name on the destination manager. If the policy name exists, a context menu prompts for a decision to overwrite the policy. If you select yes, Symantec ESM overwrites the policy on the destination manager.

Symantec ESM policy names cannot be longer than 31 characters.

To duplicate a policy on the same manager

  1. Right-click the policy.

  2. Click Duplicate.

  3. In the New Policy Name box, type the new policy name.

    Policy names can contain up to 29 characters and can include special characters. You cannot leave a policy name blank.

To duplicate a policy on a different manager