About manager pulling data

When you execute a policy run on ESM 9.0 agents, the manager sends the job request to the agents that you select. The connection with the manager is terminated when the agent starts the policy run with the parameters that you specify. At this stage, the status of the policy run is displayed as Running.

When the agent completes the policy execution, the status of the policy run is displayed as Policy run complete. In case of multiple agents, the manager polls the agents in a sequential order. The manager fetches the data from the agents on which the policy run is complete, while it continues to poll the other agents. The manager waits for two minutes after it finishes with one polling cycle and resumes polling the agents to check for the policy run status.

After the manager fetches the policy run result, the status of the policy run is displayed as Complete. On certain scenarios, when the number of agents is few, you may notice a lag of a few minutes before the status of the policy run changes from Running to Complete. This happens because the manager takes time to confirm the policy run status for each agent after it updates the manager database.

The manager creates a Control Information File (CIF) connection to fetch the policy run result from the agents and fetches the data on the same CIF connection. As the agents do not open a new CIF connection, you do not have to change the firewall settings of your enterprise to allow incoming connections to the manager.

This functionality ensures that you do not lose data even in the event of a technical breakdown. If your manager shuts down for any reason, the manager re-establishes communication with the agents when the manager service restarts. After the manager service restarts, the ESM manager starts data collection from where it lost the contact.

Following are the fields related to Manager Pulling Data, which are present in manager.conf:


Specifies the number of threads that an agent data fetch starts at a time.

Minimum value is 1. The maximum that you can specify is 32. The default value is 1.


Specifies the amount of time agent data fetch waits for all the threads for data fetch from the agents.

Minimum value is 180 seconds. The maximum that you can specify is 600 seconds. The default value is 300 seconds.

The manager.conf is located in <Install_dir\config\> on Windows computers and in /esm/config/> on UNIX computers.