Stopping a policy run

You can force a policy run that is in the process to stop, finalize, and exit with an error status. The Stop option terminates the security modules that are running on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS agents. On NetWare/NDS agents, the run completes the module checks that are already underway, but does not initiate any checks for the remaining modules.

The Stop option tells the manager that controls the policy run to finalize the results of all completed policy runs. This option returns the results from the modules that have already finished. Modules that have not finished do not return results.

The Stop option also contacts each agent and tries to stop any security checks or policy runs that are underway. If the agent can be reached, the run stops when the currently running module reaches a safe stopping point and the manager finalizes the report. If the agent cannot be reached, the portion of the report that is already complete is force-finalized.

To stop a policy run