Creating a template

Changes that you make to sample templates are overwritten when you download the next Security Update. To avoid this problem, you should create and edit your own templates.

Your new template is saved in the Templates branch of the ESM console with other template files that use the same file extension.

To create a template

  1. In the enterprise tree, right-click Templates, and then click New.

  2. Select an available template type.

  3. Type a name for the template without a file extension.

    Template names can contain up to 125 characters. You cannot include spaces in a template name or start the name with a hyphen (-).

    The following characters are not allowed in a template name:

    . # / : * ? " < > | ; { } [ ]

    You cannot leave a template name blank.

    Symantec Enterprise Security Manager provides the extension according to the template type that you select.

  4. Click OK.