Editing a template

Use the Template Editor to do the following:

Edit the contents of a string or numeric field

String fields can store free-form text such as string fields in the Agent Name, File Name, and File Signature fields of the File Watch template.

Numeric fields can store positive or negative integers or real numbers. The Severity field in the Patch template is an example of a numeric field.

Check or uncheck a check box

Some fields have check boxes that you can check to direct the module to examine specified items. For example, use the New and Removed check boxes in the File Watch template.

Select a context menu item

Some fields have context menus that are displayed when you click a field. For example, Signature fields in File and File Watch templates display context menus when clicked.

Edit a sublist

Some fields contain sublists. Sublist fields display the number of items in the sublist. Examples include the OS/Rev columns in File templates and Integrated Command Engine ( ICE) templates.