Using the grid functions

In the ESM console, when you select an object in the tree, Symantec Enterprise Security Manager displays details about that object in a grid. The grid lets you find and copy text in columns in the grid. The copy option lets you copy text from the grid to the clipboard on a Windows computer. The find option lets you conduct a sequential search of a column in the grid for occurrences of specific text. For example, you can search a list of security messages that results from a policy run for a specific user, computer, or other criteria.

To copy text from the grid

  1. Select the text in the grid that you want to copy.

  2. Right-click the selected text, and then click Copy.

  3. Paste the text into any open application.

To find text in a column of the grid

  1. In the grid, right-click the column that contains the text that you want to find, and then click Find text in column.

  2. Type the text to search for in the Find what text box.

  3. Click Up or Down to select a search direction.

  4. Check Match case to match the case of the input text to the text in the grid.

To delete a policy run from the grid

To delete multiple policy runs from the grid

  1. Select a row from the grid, and then click each policy run that you want to delete while holding the Ctrl key in your keyboard. Alternatively, click a row, press the Shift key in your keyboard and then click the last row of policy run that you want to delete.

  2. Right-click the selected policy runs, and then click Delete from the menu that appears.