Generating standard reports

A Symantec ESM report is an online or printed account of the information that is contained in the grid and chart. Symantec ESM offers the following standard report types to the security administrators:

Security report

The Security report presents noncompliant security-related information in summary and detailed formats.

Domain report

The Domain report lists all agents in the domain and following important information about each agent:

  • Operating system

  • Version

  • Network protocol

  • Network port

  • Computer type

Executive report

The Executive report is a one-page summary that displays the enterprise's conformity to each security module.

Policy report

The Policy report provides information about individual policies, which includes the number of policies, modules, and security checks.

Policy run report

The Policy Run report contains the start and the completion time, policy name, and domain name for all jobs that are run on the manager.

Template report

The Template report lists the objects in the template.

Symantec ESM reports contain the following sections:

You can customize a report by adding the organization's name and logo to the report's title page.