Generating a Policy report

The Policy report provides information about individual policies, which includes the following:

You can generate a Policy report from the Policies node or any node that is subordinate to the Policy node.

Like the Security report, the Policy report lists information for the selected node plus the branches beneath the selected node.

To generate a Policy report

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click a specific node on the policies branch, and choose Policy report.

    • Click a specific node on the policies branch. Then on the Report menu, click Policy.

  2. Use the report options tabs to view or change the default report settings as follows:

    • Click the Format tab. Click the check boxes to eliminate a title page, a table of contents, or an introduction page from the report.

    • Click the Policy report tab. Click the check box to show disabled checks, policy suppressions, namelists for each check, and long descriptions for each check.