Correcting a Security report item

The correction tool lets you correct some security items directly from the ESM console. Not all report messages can be corrected from the ESM console. Corrections are made on the basis of the module and the operating system. The checks on a UNIX platform may be correctable while the corresponding checks on a Windows NT platform may not.

Evaluate each message in the Security report, considering the current computer configuration and how the computer may change. The current settings may be more appropriate than the setting that is defined in the security policy. If the current settings are more appropriate for the situation, update the policy or suppress the item from the report.

Symantec ESM corrections modify the computer where the agent resides. To correct a reported item, you must have access to an account with privileges on the agent computer. These privileges include the following:

Before you can make the correction, you must provide credentials to access the agent computer in the Agent Credentials dialog box.

Use the following accounts while making corrections to computers in a domain or trusted domain:

A 'C' in the Updateable/Correctable column of the grid indicates that an item is correctable.

Symantec ESM logs on to the computer as the privileged user and tries to perform the correction. If Symantec ESM successfully makes the correction, the Correctable/Updateable value in the grid changes from Correctable to Corrected. If the correction is not successful, Symantec ESM reports an error message.

To correct a Security report item

  1. Expand the summary branch and select a policy run. Security messages should be visible in the grid.

  2. Select one or more correctable messages in the grid.

    To select adjacent rows, drag across the row numbers, or select the first row number, hold down Shift, and select the last row number.

    To select non-adjacent rows, hold down Ctrl and select the required row numbers.

    You can only select multiple rows using the column with the row numbers.

  3. Right-click on a highlighted row, and then click Correct.

  4. Type the user name and password of an account with privileges on the Agent computer, and click OK.

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