Reversing corrections to a Security report item

The incorrect command changes the computer back to its original configuration before the correction; In effect, similar to the Undo command.


After a report has been explicitly deleted or purged by policy runs, you can no longer reverse corrections from the ESM console.

To reverse corrections to a Security report item

  1. Select the security message or messages in the grid.

    To select adjacent rows, drag across the row numbers, or select the first row number, and hold down shift while you select the last row.

    To select non-adjacent rows, hold down Ctrl and select the required row numbers.

    You can only select multiple rows using the column with the row numbers.

  2. Right-click on a highlighted row, and click Uncorrect.

  3. Type the user name and password of an account with privileges on the Agent computer, and then click OK.

    Symantec ESM logs on to the computer as the privileged user and reverses the correction.