About using the Policy tool

On large networks with many systems, the Policy tool provides an efficient way to standardize the settings of enabled security checks, templates, and word lists. The Policy tool exports policies from a selected manager and then imports the policies to the other managers on the network. The policies that you import enable the same security checks and contain the same template and wordlist settings as the policies on the source manager .

The Policy tool exports policies as XML formatted files. Use a standard text editor to view the contents. Each element is tagged for identification. The file structure separates the modules in the policy and the checks in each module. The state of each check is identified. Policy version and edit level, enabled template entries, and name list types and values are also listed.

The policy file that the policy tool exports contains the security checks that are in the policy, whether enabled or disabled. However, it contains only templates and wordlists that are enabled in the source policy.

The policy file that the policy tool imports overwrites the policy file on the manager on which you import the file.