Importing a policy

To import a policy, use the import format and type the required values and options in a Policy tool command.

For example, to import the Phase 1 policy on the GS0200 manager, type the following:

policytool import gs0200 "Security Officer" my2pass+ phase1.xml

When you import a policy to a manager, the Policy tool checks for the policy name on the destination manager.

If the Policy tool finds the policy name, the Policy tool prompts for a decision to overwrite the policy. If you type Yes, the Policy tool overwrites the policy on the manager.

If you include the -y option in an import command, the Policy tool writes the policy on the destination manager without prompting for a decision.

Symantec ESM does not keep multiple copies of policies with the same name on a single manager. If different users import the same policy on the same manager, the last version of the policy overwrites all previous versions.