Prerequisites for using the Database Conversion tool

Complete the following prerequisites:

Access rights

To convert a Symantec ESM manager database:, do the following:

  • Obtain access to an account on the manager that has the View access rights for all domains, all policies, and all templates.

  • Obtain access to an account with privileges to modify the external relational database.

JDBC Driver Classes

If you use JDBC to connect to an ORACLE database, verify that the JDBC driver classes are in the classpath.

Vendor information

If you use an external relational database other than ODBC, get the following information from the vendor of the destination database:

  • JDBC driver

  • Driver class name

  • URL convention

For more information, see the documentation that the the JDBC driver vendor provides, together with the information about the jdbc.driver and jdbc.url.

Windows ODBC data source administrator

If you use an ODBC compliant external relational database, use the ODBC Data Source Administrator to choose the ODBC driver and the ESMSchema.mdb database during the installation of the Symantec ESM utilities. See the Symantec Enterprise Security Manager 9.0 Installation Guide for more information.