Converting two manager databases

To convert the data in two manager databases to an ORACLE database using a single Database Conversion tool command, type the options, properties, and values for each manager using a Database Conversion tool command.

For example, to convert the data in the GS0100 and GS0200 manager databases, type the following:

The following is an example:

dbconvert -Desm.managers="gs0100 gs0200" -Dgs0100.user="Security Officer" -Dgs0100.password=my1pass+ -Dgs0200.user="Security Officer" -Dgs0200.password=my2pass+ -Djdbc.driver=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver -Djdbc.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@GS0500:1521:REPORTS -Djdbc.user=user1453 -Djdbc.password=secret7