Overriding a property file

To convert the data in only one of the manager databases that is specified in a property file, type a Database Conversion tool command that contains a -propfile option together with an overriding -D option.

For example, to create a property file containing the values that are required to convert the GS0300 and GS0400 manager databases to an ODBC compliant database, type the following using a properties text file:

The following is an example:

esm.managers=gs0300 gs0400
gs0300.user=security officer
gs0400.user=security officer

Save the property file as property2.txt in the C:\Program Files\Symantec\Enterprise Security Manager\Symantec ESM Enterprise Utilities directory.

You can convert only the data in the GS0300 manager database by typing the following:

dbconvert -propfile=property2.txt -Desm.managers=gs0