Display suppressed or difference messages

Use the Messages tab in the Report Options to display suppressed messages, difference messages, or long message text in Security reports and in the Symantec ESM Grid. The Show Suppressed Messages option adds any suppressed messages to the list of Security messages for each module in a security report. This option also adds any suppressed messages to the security messages that display in the Symantec ESM Grid when you click a policy run summary node. Displaying suppressed messages reminds you that a security condition exists that Symantec ESM has not figured into the security level and rating.

The Policy run message differences options indicate when changes have occurred between two policy runs. You can display security messages that appear only in the newest policy run, messages that appear only in the previous policy run and messages that have not changed between the policy runs. You can compare the newest policy run with the policy run just previous to it or with a policy run from a user-indicated number of days ago. You can also display the long message text for each security message in the report.