Template editor

The Template Editor lets you modify the templates that some Symantec ESM modules use to determine noncompliance to security policy. The exact operations the template editor can perform depend on the configuration of the module whose template you are editing. However, in general, the Template Editor lets you add, remove, or change the attributes of an item in the template. The Template Editor is organized into columns. Most columns allow editing of a template item by entering or changing a string field, enabling or disabling a check box, selecting an item from a pop-up list, or by editing a sublist. Columns are not universal to every template. They vary according to the module associated with the template.

Template operations for the File Attributes module template include Add Item, Add Hierarchy , Add Row, Remove Row, and changing template file attributes. Template operations for the OS Patches Module template include Add Patch and Remove Patch.


Symantec ESM limits template file names to eight characters or less, with file extensions of three characters. You must not try to use the ESM console to access template files that have names longer than eight characters, or extensions longer than three characters.