Add a new manager to the ESM console

Before you can run security checks on Symantec ESM agent computers, you must connect the ESM console to the managers with which the agents are registered. If you connect the ESM console to all the managers in the enterprise, the ESM console can function enterprise-wide.

By limiting the number of ESM manager connections, you can set up user environments for specific areas of responsibility. The ESM console prompts for a manager connection as it creates a new user environment.

You can add managers to the ESM console at any time by accessing the New Manager dialog box. The ESM console protects the credentials of each manager connection by encrypting them with your ESM console account password. The ESM console can optionally cache these encrypted credentials without creating a security risk if you choose to automatically reconnect the ESM console to ESM managers during subsequent ESM console logons.

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Adding a manager to the ESM console