Move agents from

While moving an agent from a manager, you must select the target manager, provide account information, and so on.

This dialog box presents the following options:

Manager name

Displays the managers that are in connected state. Click the manager to which you want to move the agent.

Use Credentials Of The Source Manager

Check the check box if you want to use the same credentials as that of the source manager to access the new manager.

Upon checking the Use Credentials Of The Source Manager check box, the Access Name and the Password fields become unavailable.

Access name

Type the user name that is used to access the new manager.


Type the password to authenticate your user name.

Create new domain

Lets you create a new domain for the agent that you want to move.

Domain name

Type a name that you want to give for the new domain.

Use existing domain

Click this option to use the existing domain name.

Domain name

Displays the All Agents domain name.

Delete Raw Reports from the Source Manager

Check this check box if you want to remove the existing reports of the selected agent from the source manager.


Click this option to move the selected agent to the target manager.


Click this option to cancel the operation.

More Information

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