Specify drill-down datapoints

By default, the option to view the object data as a drill-down chart is disabled, since the chart may take several minutes to get generated.

You can enable the option to view a drill-down chart from the View menu. You can also specify the minimum and maximum datapoints that Symantec ESM considers while drawing a chart.

In the Specify minimum datapoints to ask for confirmation before drawing the chart box, you enter the minimum number of datapoints in an object that the Symantec ESM should draw the chart for. If the number of datapoints is more that this value, Symantec ESM asks for a confirmation to proceed with drawing the chart further for those datapoints.

In the Specify maximum datapoints after which the chart will not be displayed box, you enter the number of datapoints that Symantec ESM should not exceed while drawing the drill-down chart.

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