Manager properties - License

Use the License tab to display the license information for the ESM manager currently connected to the ESM console.

Symantec ESM displays the following information pertaining to the current manager's license:

License Type

Displays the type of license that the ESM manager uses. Two types of licenses exist: Temporary and Permanent. The temporary license is included with Symantec ESM at shipping. It allows full Symantec ESM functionality for 30 days before it expires. The permanent license does not expire. You obtain it by contacting the Symantec Licensing Administrator with your system ID and the number of agents that you want to be licensed to register to the manager.

License Expiration

Displays the date that the license expires if it is a temporary license. If the license is permanent, the field displays No expiration.

System ID

Displays the system ID (system name) of the system on which the ESM manager software is installed.

Number of Agents

Displays the number of ESM agents that the ESM manager is licensed to check.

License Key

Displays the 19 character license key. Symantec provides this key with the temporary license at shipping or with the permanent license. To obtain a permanent license, increase the number of agents that can register with the manager, or move the ESM manager software to another system, contact the license administrator at Symantec.