About the File Attributes module

The security checks in the File Attributes module compare the current settings with the File template records and report changes in file ownership, size, creation time, and modification. The module also reports changes in the access control lists (ACLs), results of checksum checks, and folders for which the Everyone group has full control permissions.

Some messages report messages that you can use to update the template or snapshot files to match the current agent settings.

Other checks report the messages that you can use to reverse agent settings or disable user accounts.

Updatable and correctable messages are identified as TU, SU, or C types in the descriptions of checks that use them.

When you run a policy that contains the File Attributes module, the module compares current file attributes to records in File templates before it runs enabled security checks.


The module examines the File Keywords template for the file path names that are identified by variable keywords. The keywords are enclosed in percent (%) signs in the File template. When the module does not find a match, it handles the path name as it would if it did not contain a keyword. If the file is mandatory and the module cannot match the file name, it reports the Mandatory file does not exist message.