Patch not installed and process not running (Windows)

Module: OS Patches

Supported Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Enable this check to report patches that are not installed and not checked because the service or daemon that they would patch is not running. Missing patches are not reported if the running process condition is configured in the template and the process corresponding to the patch is not running. This check enables you to see missing patches that would otherwise not be reported as a result of this condition.

The following table lists the error message for the check.

Table: Error message for Patch not installed and process not running

Message String ID and Category

Platform and Message Numeric ID

Message Title and Description

Additional Information


Category: Policy Compliance

  • Windows 2000 (45463)

  • Windows 2003 (215163)

  • Windows 2008 (216063)

  • Windows Vista (215763)

  • Windows XP (49063)

Title: Patch not installed and process not running

Description:This patch is not installed, and the corresponding process is not running. Since the missing patch applies to a program that is not currently running, this may not pose an immediate risk. Refer to your security policy to determine if this patch should be installed.

Severity: yellow-1

Correctable: false

Snapshot Updatable: false

Template Updatable: false

Information Field Format: [%s]