List Solaris zones without ESM (UNIX)

Module: Object Integrity

This check reports all Solaris zones that do not have ESM installed. Use the name-list to include or exclude zones. Enter the zone status preceded by a pipe character to include or exclude zones with that status. For example, enter running to include or exclude zones with the running status. This check is available on Solaris 10 and runs from only the global zone.

The following table lists the error message for the check.

Table: Error message for List Solaris zones without ESM

Message String ID and Category

Platform and Message Numeric ID

Message Title and Description

Additional Information


Category: Policy Compliance

UNIX (6237)

Title: Solaris zone without ESM

Description:The listed zone does not have ESM installed. Information about the zone is displayed in the information field.

Severity: red-4

Correctable: false

Snapshot Updatable: false

Template Updatable: false

Information Field Format: [%s]