Correcting agents in messages

Correctable messages display a C in the Updatable/Correctable field of the console grid.

You can use the Correct feature to correct agent rights or settings. For example, in the Account Integrity module, the Generate security audits check reports accounts with rights to generate entries in the security log. If you correct a reported user account, the right is revoked.

You can restore the right by repeating the same process that you used to revoke it. You can also use the Correct feature to disable a vulnerable account. In the Password Strength module, for example, you can immediately disable a reported account that has no password.

To correct the agent reported in the console grid

  1. In the console grid, right-click an item that contains C in the Updatable/ Correctable field, then click Correct.

  2. Type the name and password of a user that has the right to change the setting.

  3. Click OK.

To reverse a correction, use the same procedure except in step 1, right-click an item that contains Corrected in the Updatable/Correctable field, then click Uncorrect.