Changing the eToken Password

All eToken devices are configured with the factory initial password, 1234567890. To ensure strong, two factor security, it is important for the user to change the eToken password to a private user password as soon as the new eToken is received.

When an eToken password has been changed, the new password is used for all eToken applications involving the token. It is the user’s responsibility to remember the eToken password. Without it, the user cannot use the token.

Setting an administrator password on the eToken devices enables the administrator to unlock the user password if it is forgotten or lost. We recommend initializing all tokens with an administrator password.

Note: The eToken user password is an important security measure in safeguarding your company’s private information. The best passwords are at least eight characters long and include upper and lower case letters, punctuation marks and numbers created in a random order. We recommend not using passwords that can easily be discovered, such as names or birth dates of family members which can easily be discovered.

To change the eToken Password:

  1. In the left pane of the eToken Properties window, select the token to which the new password will be assigned.

  2. Click Change Password in the right pane.

The Change Password window opens.

  1. Enter the current eToken password in the Current eToken Password field.

  2. Enter the new eToken password in the New eToken Password and Confirm fields.

Note: As you type a new password, the password quality indicator on the right displays a percentage score of how well the new password matches the password quality policy.

  1. Click OK.

The eToken password is changed.