Clearing an eToken

The Clear function enables you to delete all deletable objects on your token. Objects types include data objects (profiles), keys and certificates (CA or user).

Non-deletable objects will not be removed. Non-deletable objects are created when the administrator configures the object attributes.

The Clear function leaves the data structure your eToken intact. It is less wide-reaching than the Initialize function which restores an eToken to its initial state, removing all objects stored on the eToken since manufacture and resets the eToken password.


To Clear an eToken:

  1. Right-click the eToken tray icon and select Clear eToken from the menu.

The Clear eToken window opens, prompting you to confirm the clear action.

  1. To continue with the clear process, click Yes, else click NO.

The Log On window opens.

  1. Enter the eToken password and click OK.

The Clear eToken window opens, confirming that the clear process has been successful.

  1. Click OK to finish.

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