Disconnecting eToken Virtual

When the eToken Virtual is no longer necessary, disconnect it from its attached reader.

To disconnect an eToken Virtual:

  1. In the left pane of the eToken Properties window, select the eToken Virtual to be disconnected.

  2. Click Disconnect eToken Virtual in the right pane.

The Disconnect eToken Virtual window opens.

  1. To keep the eToken Virtual file on the computer, click No. Only the eToken Virtual connection to eToken Properties is disconnected.

  2. To remove the eToken from the computer click Yes.

Note: Disconnecting the eToken Virtual, as opposed to removing the eToken Virtual completely, may be applicable when the user is out of the office and may need to use the eToken at a later stage on the road. Once back in the office and the lost eToken is replaced, the eToken Virtual should be completely removed from the computer.