Managing Readers

When installing the eToken PKI Client, eToken Properties installs two virtual smart card readers and one eToken Virtual readers. Physical smart card readers are also displayed if installed.

When an eToken is inserted into the USB port, an eToken Virtual is added or a smart card is inserted into the smart card reader, it has the effect of inserting a smart card into one of the readers.

The number of default readers on a computer can be changed by a user with local administrator rights on that computer.

Changing the Number of Readers

The number of default readers can be changed if desired. However, this change can only be performed by a user that possesses local administrator rights on that particular computer.

To change the number of readers:

  1. Click Manage Readers on the toolbar or right-click on the object and select the command from the shortcut menu.

The Manage Readers window opens.

  1. Set the number of hardware or software readers in the appropriate field to the numbers required.

The default number of available readers is:

• Hardware Readers: 2

• Software Readers: 1

  1. Click OK to close the window.

The number of available readers has been changed

  1. Restart eToken Properties to make the changes effective.