Other (PKI Client Settings)

These settings are:

• Copy certificates to a local store

• CA certificate management

• Enable Single Logon mode

These settings are either enabled or disabled.

Copy user certificates to a local store

Default: enabled

PKI operations usually require certificates, private and public keys. Private keys should always be securely stored on the eToken. Certificates should also be stored on the eToken as this enables mobility (the certificate will be readily available when using the eToken on a different computer).

This option controls the action of automatically copying all user certificates to the Certificate upon eToken insertion.

CA certificate management

Default: disabled

CA certificates can be downloaded onto an eToken. When the eToken is inserted into the computer, one or more of these CA certificates may not be on the computer. In such a case, the CA certificate may be loaded onto the computer.

Note: Despite the settings chosen, it is possible that another window from Microsoft opens asking if you wish to continue this action. This is standard Microsoft operating procedure because the action to be undertaken may affect security matters on the computer. If you want to copy the CA certificate, click Yes.

Enable Single Logon mode

Default: disabled

When Single Logon mode is enabled, users can access multiple applications with only one request for the eToken password during each computer session. This alleviates the need to log on to each application separately.