Overview of eToken PKI Client User Interface

Administrators use eToken PKI Client Properties to set token policies. Users use eToken PKI Client Properties to perform basic token management functions, such as changing passwords and viewing certificates on the tokens. In addition, eToken PKI Client Properties  provides users and administrators with a quick and easy way to transfer digital certificates and keys between a computer and a token.

eToken PKI Client Properties includes an initialization feature allowing administrators to initialize tokens according to specific organizational requirements or security modes, and a password quality feature which sets parameters to calculate a token password quality rating.

Caution: Do not remove the token from the USB port during an operation. This may cause corruption of data on the eToken.

eToken PKI Client Properties provides information about the token, including its identification and capabilities. It has access to information stored on the token such as keys and certificates, and enables management of content, such as password profiles.

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