Quick Functions

The following functions can be accessed quickly from the system tray menu:

Open eToken Properties

Generate OTP: generates OTP for eToken Vitual

Change eToken Password

eTokens: select the activated token when more than one is attached.

About: displays product information

Hide: hides the icon.

Accessing the Quick Functions Menu

To access the quick functions menu:

Right-click the eToken icon in the system tray.

The quick function menu opens.

Opening eToken Properties

To open eToken Properties:

Select eToken Properties.

The eToken Properties Window opens in the Simple view, displaying all tokens that are connected to your computer.

Generating a One Time Password (OTP)

To generate an OTP:

  1. Select Generate OTP.

The Generate OTP window opens.

  1. Click Generate OTP.

The Log On to eToken window opens.

  1. Enter the eToken password.

The generated OTP is displayed in the Generate OTP window.

Changing the eToken Password

To change the eToken Password:

Select Change eToken Password.

The Change Password window opens.

Selecting the Active eToken

To select the active eToken:

  1. Select eTokens.

A list of attached eTokens is displayed.

  1. Select the required eToken.

Viewing Product Information

To view product information:

• Select About.

Hiding and Unhiding the Quick Functions menu

To hide the quick functions menu:

• Select Hide.

To unhide the quick functions menu:

Do one of the following

• Remove and re-insert the token

• Re-boot the computer

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