Simple View

When eToken Properties is launched, the eToken Properties window opens in Simple view.

When a token is inserted or an eToken Virtual is present, a device specific icon representing the inserted token is displayed in the left pane.

Each token has a name to the right of the icon. eToken is the default name, if no name has been added to the token.

eToken PRO

eToken Virtual

eToken NG-OTP

eToken NG-Flash

Smart Card Reader – with no card

Smart Card Reader – with card

eToken with Corrupted Data

Unknown token

In the right pane, the user may select any of the following actions that are enabled:

• Rename eToken: sets the token name

• Change Password: changes the eToken user password

• Unlock eToken: resets the user password via a challenge response (Only enabled when an administrator password is present on the token)

• View eToken Info: provides detailed information about the token

• Disconnect eToken Virtual : disconnects the eToken Virtual, with an option for deleting it

The toolbar along the top contains these functions:

• Advanced: switches to the Advanced view

• Refresh: refreshes the data for all connected tokens

• About: displays information about the product version

• Help: launches the online help

A hyperlink to the eToken website , eToken Home , is located at the top left of the window.