Synchronizing Passwords

Note: This feature is available on Windows only

eToken PKI Client supports synchronization between eToken Passwords and domain logon passwords.

Password synchronization is implemented only in specific installations of eToken PKI Client, where there is special requirement for such a feature.

The synchronization process provides a single password that can be used for logging on to both the eToken and the Windows domain, and ensures that the password complexity requirements as set for the eToken and eToken PKI Client are met.


To synchronize passwords:

Note: The new password must meet the complexity requirements for the eToken and the domain. You must have access to the domain when changing the password.

  1. Right-click the eToken tray icon and select Synchronize Password from the menu.

The Synchronize Passwords window opens.

  1. Enter the current eToken password and the current domain password.

  1. Enter the new eToken Password and then confirm the new eToken password.

  2. Click OK.


You now have a single password that you can use to log on to your eToken and Windows domain.

Every time you change your eToken password using eToken PKI Client the password will be synchronized.


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