Unlocking an eToken

If you enter an incorrect password more than a specified number of times, the eToken will be locked.

You can unlock the eToken only if an administrator password was set during initialization.

The unlock feature is available for eToken hardware devices, eToken Virtual and eToken Rescue.

Caution: The number of times that an eToken or eToken Virtual can be can be unlocked can be limited to a specified number. If this number is exceeded, the eToken or eToken Virtual becomes unusable. The eToken must be initialized and the eToken Virtual must be replaced. This feature is not available for eToken Rescue..

If the administrator has access to the user’s computer, the token may be unlocked using the Set User Password feature.

When the administrator is located remotely, for example when an employee is out of the office, a Challenge – Response authentication method can be employed to unlock the token.  With this method, the user sends the administrator the Challenge Data supplied by eToken PKI Client Properties, and then enters the Response Data provided by the administrator. The user then enters a new password and the token is unlocked.


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