Viewing Inserted eTokens

When the eTokens and Readers node is expanded, the names of all inserted eTokens, (hardware and software) are displayed.

Selecting a Token in the left pane displays all information about this object in the right pane.

The same information is displayed as in the Viewing eToken Info command in the Simple view.

The toolbar displays key commands that can be performed with or on this object, such as logging on and importing certificates.

The expand arrow to the right of the toolbar shows all other commands available with this object.

These commands are also available by right-clicking the object in the left pane.

Certain commands are disabled if not applicable. For example, administrator functions are disabled for an eToken Virtual.

Some Advanced view commands are identical to those in the Simple view:

• Rename eToken

• Change Password

• Unlock eToken

• Disconnect eToken Virtual