How FPE is installed on an SCR Exchange server system depends on the configuration of your source (data center) installation.

FPE should only be installed on the source system, not the target system (because, by their nature, all target nodes are passive). If the source system fails over to the target system, the original target becomes the new source, which is now online (the original source, which had failed, is now offline). Install FPE on the new source system and uninstall it from the failed-over system.

The FPE settings are not replicated from the source server to the target server. After a failover has occurred, FPE must be installed on the target server and configured with the same settings as on the original source server. However, before installing FPE after a failover, you must run the Exchange Setup command with the RestoreCMS parameter. The syntax is the following:
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Setup /RestoreCMS

For more information about uninstalling FPE, see Uninstalling from a Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) system. After FPE has been uninstalled, run the Exchange Setup command with the RecoverCMS parameter to remove the original source Clustered Mailbox Server. The syntax is:

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Setup /RecoverCMS

For more information about SCR systems, see Standby Continuous Replication: Site Resilience with Standby Clustering.