The Engines and Performance setting controls how many of the selected engines should be used in order to provide you with an acceptable probability that your system is protected. There is a trade-off between increasing the probability of catching a virus and maximizing your system performance. The more engines you use, the greater the probability that all viruses will be caught. However, the more engines you use, the greater the impact on your system's performance.

You can have a different Engines and Performance setting on different servers, depending on your needs. For example, you might want to use only a single engine on your mailbox server, to maximize its system performance. Then, you can use several engines on your Edge or Hub transport servers.

The Engines and Performance setting only applies to virus scanning. It is not used in filtering, spyware scanning, or spam scanning. You must select the policy for each scan (realtime, transport, scheduled, and on-demand) you configure; it is not global.

To configure the number of scan engines, select from the following Engines and Performance options:

Click Save after making any changes to your settings.

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