[For your protection, some features and settings discussed in this documentation may be controlled by your security administrator.]

After you install Forefront Endpoint Protection on your computer, you can close the main window and let Endpoint Protection run quietly in the background. Endpoint Protection will continue running on your computer, monitor it, and help protect it against threats.

Of course, you'll know that Endpoint Protection is running whenever it displays notification messages in the notification area. These notifications alert you to potential threats that Endpoint Protection has detected.

You'll also receive other alert notifications, for example, if for some reason real-time protection has been turned off, if you haven't updated your virus and spyware definitions for a number of days, or when upgrades to the program become available. Endpoint Protection also briefly displays a notification to let you know that it's scanning your computer.

You can also refer to the Endpoint Protection icon that appears in the notification area:

If you don’t see the Endpoint Protection icon in the notification area, click the arrow in the notification area to show hidden icons, including the Endpoint Protection icon.

The icon color depends on your computer's current status:

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