Activates a standby server running Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010, making it the primary server running FIM.


miisactivate [FileName] [UserName {Password | *}] [/q]



Specifies the file name, including the path, of the encryption key file.


Specifies the Forefront Identity Manager Service credentials. MIISactivate supports the following formats:

  • [Domain\]UserName

  • [\]UserName



Password for the Forefront Identity Manager Service. Specify * to be prompted for password.


Runs in quiet mode, with no dialog boxes.


Displays help at the command prompt.


  • If password synchronization is enabled, you must run pcnscfg.exe, the password change notification configuration utility, before you activate the standby server. The password change notification service must be directed to the standby server before password synchronization can resume.

  • MIISactivate.exe is located in the InstallationDirectory\Bin folder.

  • Local Administrator privileges are required to run MIISactivate.exe.

  • If you receive the error message Exception: 0x80230443 when running MIISactivate.exe, this indicates a schema mismatch. This can occur when a service pack has been applied to the primary server, but not to the warm standby server. You should update the warm standby server with the same service pack used to update the primary server, and then run MIISactivate.exe again.

  • If you activate a standby server and are unable to open Synchronization Service Manager, it may be because the FIMSyncAdmin groups were created as local groups instead of domain groups. You will need to create the new domain group, re-run FIM setup in repair mode and specify the new domain group.


To activate a backup server running FIM and make it the primary server running FIM, type:

miisactivate miis_keys.bin FIMSyncAdmin *

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