Operations is used to store status and view results of each run of a management agent. Every time you run a management agent, Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 logs run data, which includes the time of the run, the run profile that was used, whether the run was successful, and synchronization statistics and errors. For reference information about status and error codes, see Management Agent Run Error Codes and Management Agent Run Statistics.

Members of the FIMSyncOperators security group must use Operations to run management agents and view results. FIMSyncOperators members can only view information, run management agents, and save run histories to file. The user must also be a member of the FIMSyncBrowse group to open links in the synchronization statistics.


When you click a statistic for a management agent run, the object properties displayed are for the object's current state, not the object's state at the time of the management agent run.

The following actions are available for each management agent run:

Save to File—Saves the run history for that specific management agent run in an XML format to a user-specified file and location.

Clear runs—Clears all runs or only runs before a specified date. You have the option of saving the runs before they are cleared. Run histories are stored in the FIM Synchronization Service database in SQL Server 2008. You should clear the run history on a regular basis, depending on how often you run your management agents, to limit performance issues on the server running FIM. Use caution when clearing runs. Clearing an excessively large number of runs at a single time can cause Synchronization Service Manager to become unresponsive.

Run—Runs the selected management agent and the selected run profile. For more information, see Run a Management Agent.

Stop—Stops a management agent run that is in progress. For more information, see Stop a Management Agent Run.


You can also perform these actions and other management tasks by using the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). For more information, see the FIM Developer Reference.

For each management agent, current statistics are listed for the number of objects, number and types of connectors and disconnectors, import and export statistics, and start and end time for the last run of the management agent. For more information, see View Last Run Statistics for a Management Agent.