By using the management agent for Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager 2010 you can synchronize with the FIM 2010 Service database.

Connected data source support

  • Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager 2010 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

Management agent type

This is a call-based management agent.


The schema is generated based on the dynamic discovery of the data source by the management agent. When you refresh the schema for this management agent, the connected data source schema is rediscovered, the current management agent schema is updated, and Management Agent Designer starts. In Management Agent Designer, you can correct any inconsistencies that were introduced by the updated schema, such as deleted object types or deleted attributes.


  • All non-escaped line breaks (carriage returns, line feeds, carriage return line-feed pairs, and NEL and line separator) are converted to line feeds. This is per XML specifications. Customers are encouraged to remove values like "\r" from their connected system feeds using either FIM functions or rules extensions. Failing to do so will lead to confirming import errors as the metaverse gets back different values than it exports to FIM.

  • This management agent does not support password management.