With the management agent for IBM DB2 Universal Database, you can synchronize with IBM DB2 Universal Database.

Connected data source support

  • IBM DB2 version 9.1 or 9.5

  • IBM DB2 OLEDB v9.5 FP5

  • IBM DB2 OLEDB v9.7 FP1

Management agent type

This is a call-based management agent.


The schema is generated based on the source database table definition. When you refresh the schema for this management agent, the connected data source schema is rediscovered, the current management agent schema is updated, and then Management Agent Designer starts. In Management Agent Designer, you can correct any inconsistencies introduced by the updated schema, such as deleted object types or deleted attributes.


  • You do not need to install Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 on the server that is running IBM DB2 Universal Database.

  • By default, this management agent is run in the same process as the Forefront Identity Manager Service. However, it is recommended that you run this management agent in its own process to prevent problems with client software on the connected data source from negatively affecting the Forefront Identity Manager Service. You can change this setting by selecting Run this management agent in a separate process in Management Agent Designer. For more information, see Run a Management Agent in a Separate Process.

  • Creating a management agent to perform a delta import requires the following:

    • A delta table or view must be in the same database and use as a source the table or view typed in Table/View when you configure the management agent.

    • All columns that exist in the source table/view schema must also exist in the delta table or view schema.

    • An additional column of string type must exist. This column is used for the changetype.

  • FIM does not allow a column that is of attribute type BLOB or CLOB to be configured as primary key.

  • This management agent supports password management. For more information, see See Also.

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