For this procedure, in Synchronization Service Manager, you can create a Visual Studio 2008 class library project for a metaverse rules extension. Metaverse rules extensions allow immense flexibility in managing identity data between a connector space and the metaverse. For example, a metaverse rules extension can perform account provisioning, creating, renaming, and deprovisioning connector space objects. To complete this procedure, you must be logged on as a member of the FIMSyncAdmins security group.

To create a rules extension for the metaverse
  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. In Options, in Metaverse Rules Extension, click the Enable Metaverse Rules Extension check box.

  3. Click Create Rules Extension Project.

  4. In Programming Language, click the programming language to be used to create the rules extension.

  5. In Project name, type a name for the project.

  6. In Project Location, type a location for the project or click Browse to select a location and name.

  7. To immediately open the project in Visual Studio 2008, click the Launch in VS .NET check box.


Alternatively, you can use Visual Studio 2008 to create a metaverse rules extension project. This method is necessary when FIM is not installed on the local computer. For more information about using Visual Studio 2008 to create a metaverse rules extension project and more detailed information about developing a rules extension for managing the metaverse, see the FIM Developer Reference.


You must enable metaverse rules extensions before you can use them. For more information, see See Also.


When you select the Launch in VS .NET option, Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition must reside on the FIM server.


You cannot use the same name for two different rules extensions that are located on the same server running FIM. A valid rules extension name can contain uppercase and lowercase letters A through Z, dashes (-), underscores (_), and spaces, and cannot be a reserved system file name. Other characters are not permitted.


The Configure Number of Password Events to Log option in Configure Extensions is for password management through a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) web application. This option has no relationship to configuring a rules extension for the metaverse. For more information, see See Also.

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