This topic describes the steps that you must follow to register your Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management (FIM CM) notification handler so that it can receive notification for an event.

Notification Handler Subscriptions

Before a notification handler can be invoked by FIM CM, it must be registered. Registration is performed by editing the ClmNotifications section in the CertificateNotificationSinks Web.config configuration file.

In the ClmNotifications section, a new entry must be created for each notification handler subscription. Each new entry consists of the following attributes:

  • event: Name of the event the handler is subscribing for

  • class: Fully qualified type name implementing the INotificationSink interface

  • initializationData: Configuration string data specific to your handler. This string is passed to your handler's Initialize method.

The following is an example of the registration. In this example, two notification handlers are configured. One handler is configured for the ApproveRequest event and another for the MarkRequestAsFailed event.

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	<add event="ApproveRequest" class="MyImplementation.NotificationHandlers.OnApproveRequest,MyImplementation.NotificationHandlers" initializationData="my data"/>
	<add event="MarkRequestAsFailed" class="MyImplementation.NotificationHandlers.OnMarkRequestAsFailed, MyImplementation.NotificationHandlers" initializationData="data to be passed to the Initialize() call of this notification handler"/>

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